Between Folds / Ordres D'Architecture

Material: Les ordres d'architecture des grecs et des romains et ceux des auteurs modernes by Charles Normand. Published: A Paris.
147 x 92 cm

Following in the footsteps of Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola, who wrote his book on the five orders in 1562, Charles Normand explores the imposing elegance of the rules of classical architecture. Normand’s engravings are light: delicate webs, pulled to order by proportion; the swirl of a capital; the regal flourish of a curled acanthus. Illustrative lines work their way in and out of the milky white, pausing in each paper window to pronounce; multiplying before us the mathematical intricacies of the Doric or Corinthian. The text of Normand’s book – deepened in colour by use, the stains of studious wear – gently breathe the spirited ‘0’. The opening of any calculation and the first number in the Fibonacci sequence, it is wide and triumphant; a symbol of the beginning of evolution and proportion.