Between Folds / Shakespeare

Material: The Complete works of Shakespeare
168 x 117 cm.

It is fitting that the first book Francisca used for the Between Folds series was The Complete Works of Shakespeare, the words and phrases of which have been interweaved anonymously into our own everyday language. Doing justice to words that have been passed down generations, written and recited from memory, every single page is used; visualising each poem and play in a masterpiece that folds every line, couplet and metaphor into the next. Words of familiar speech summon unrequited love, villainous plotting, humour and tragedy, strong interjections that stir dramatic memory while we look. Fragments of titles and act numbers ground our eyes as they flutter between the folds that we can hear so clearly, creating a harmony of celebrated language that is different each time our gaze returns. Standing back, the folds inverse to a single quotation mark; an imprint of appreciation to our unbroken quoting of Shakespeare.