Between Folds / Art Catalogue International Exhibition 1862

The Art-Journal Illustrated Catalogue of the International Exhibition 1862. J. S. Virtue, London & New York.
137 x 112 cm

It is hard for us to imagine the scale of craftsmanship and invention in the 1862 International Exhibition. Francisca’s unwrapping of the exhibition’s catalogue gives us some idea, revealing the countless objects pulled through the endless embellishment of Victorian design. Lines of candlesticks and chandeliers run through one another, stretching across pages through newly adorned arms. Curls of filigree climb up and around a bedpost before cascading elegantly down the leg of a chair, while a pattern of tiles disappears beneath a silvery tipped fold to emerge as a motif on a cabinet’s grand façade. Each object flourishes through its folds; shimmering and overwhelming, multiplying before us, these details take us grandly back in time.


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