Between Folds / Blue Catalogue

Crowden & Keeves Ltd: Brush and Hardware manufacturers and merchants catalogue; 1935.
131 x 95 cm

Francisca’s eye for the beauty of forgotten print is epitomised in the Blue Catalogue, which originally had the seemingly mundane task of showing Crowden & Keeves’ latest home-wares of 1935. It is with an intense and brightly cobalt blue that each tool is printed in meticulous detail using photoengraving, an historic and cheap alternative to illustration. A wondrously eclectic mix of objects emerge, the unrecognisable amongst those still used – roundly sculpted jelly moulds, hand-made brushes, slotted blades, light-bulbs and the iconic ‘Kilner’ jar. It is only upon a closer look that we are reminded, by the historic shilling sign, that shopping here is sadly for our eyes only.


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