Between Folds / British Birds (b/w)

British Birds in their Haunts by Rev. C. A. Johns; 1888
95 x 119 cm

In this work Francisca opens a book that spies on birds in their haunts, revealing their favourite place, tree or corner of the pond; those quiet and secluded spots where if one looks carefully, a watched bird will always return. Each star-shaped window is as cosseting as a nest, sheltering each delicate bird in folds, as they perch and peck in their favoured home. Nestled among the reeds, waters and branches, these birds are exquisite in every feather, marking and detail – held still for our curiosity as they usually flit and fly. It is with a humble awe that we study them, as they have been specially held in time for us to remember. With many of these species not as common, or indeed now disappeared from our trees and hedgerows, the inverted ellipsis reminds of what is missing, what we have forced from earth – the fragility of other life and our impact upon it.


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