Between Folds / British Birds (colour)

A history of British Birds by the Rev. F.O. Morris. Vol. II - 2nd edition by George Bell & Sons; London 1870
88 x 92 cm each (diptych)

This diptych uses every single page of Morris’s early second edition of A History of British Birds. With both words and images exposed, Francisca reverses the folds of the pages to make two mirroring circles, each one an inversion of the other. Together they form a colon – a symbol exploding with the lively expression of birds. Creating a visual list, each small and beautiful detail is triumphant in its power of immediately revealing its species, as every page of the book is unfolded. The flash of a wing, a beady eye, the coloured crown of a head or breast, all are caught through the fluttering of folds – as a peek of a birdwatcher, stolen through the branches of a tree.


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