Between Folds / British Quadrupeds

Memoirs of British Quadrupeds by the Rev. W. Bingley; 1809.
115 x 115 cm

Quadrupeds – an animal with four feet – surround us daily and are here remembered with affection by the Reverend W. Bingley. In this curious book, Bingley dedicates the pages to those he has watched, listened to and perhaps imagined, as the etchings range from rabbits, badgers and foxes, to pigs, polecats and bats. Big and small these animals crouch, leap and spy to the shape of their ‘Q’, surrounded by adoring words to their testimony. Bingley writes fondly and with wonder about these creatures that have so fascinated him, with his text betraying poems, loving descriptions and each animals’ capabilities. When writing a book was the only outlet for one’s thoughts and opinions, such tomes were dedicated to personal passions – a ‘blog’ of the past, remembered here for its eccentricity.


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