Between Folds / Gray’s Anatomy

Gray's Anatomy – 13th edition; 1893
136 x 108 cm

A commission for a Doctor – M – Gray’s Anatomy is seen here perhaps as it has never been seen before, laid bare as one entity for examination. The inside of every body part, the inner workings of every organ, limb and gland, are dissected before us; abstracted completely from the recognisable human figure. As the drawn body makes up the work in rows of small windows, we become the voyeur looking into ourselves. A natural squeamishness accompanies the fascination of peering into what lies beneath our skin. We feel invasive yet akin to the gory detail – discovering the swollen globe of our heart, the thickening branches of arteries or the tower of our perfectly interconnected spine. The curved and reaching arms of veins and capillaries, blue and red, undulate under folds, so vivid in the pulse that binds them, embodying the lifeblood of the body they collectively complete. The sculptural folds of text form a shell for this open body, concealing and revealing as one, in a reverent performance of anatomy.


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