Between Folds / The Lady’s Newspaper 1874

The Queen / The Lady’s Newspaper; January - July 1874.
117 x 168 cm

The Queen was a newspaper published especially for women and its pages provide an incredible insight into the female interests of 1874. Like so many contemporary women’s magazines, images of fashion overshadow text and Francisca has them crowd the year itself, inverted in meticulously crossed folds. Fluttering fans, dark swathes of cumbersome clothes, lace, embroidery and detailed elaborations of bows and bustles fill every folded angle, the impossible image of woman teeming before us. Yet hidden among the ruffles and ribbons are the advertising words that tell of the other, lesser known, concerns of the Victorian woman – special cupboards to keep food cold, night-lights for children and a pair of folding scissors for the sewing of everyday life.


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