Between Folds / London 1827

London and its Environs in the 19th Century, illustrated by T. H. Shepherd and J. Elmes. Published by Jones & Co; 1827.
117 x 168 cm

London 1827 takes us back in time, unfolding the nineteenth-century city before us. In a fluttering of pages we are cast among the grand stone of new buildings, under bridges, along the paths of Regents Park and up to a long-forgotten skyline – an elegant rising of church spires. Buildings appear at such angles, in a rippling of windows or stretch of colonnade, we are left to navigate as if on the winding and wonderfully unpredictable London streets ourselves. Nestled amongst the architecture are the people of old London – ladies in bonnets, gentlemen in top hats, nannies with children outside iron railings and the galloping hansom cab. Metallic copper gleams on a scattering of folded edges, igniting old urban memories – sunset on reflected windows and the flickering glow of orange street lamps. The illustrations’ narrative runs diagonally down, whispering names of architects – the inspiration of Wren and the triumphs of Nash and Soanes – those lucky men who were given the task of embellishing this great city.


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