Between Folds / Oceans

A collection of maps and nautical charts from the 19th and 20th century.
117 x 168 cm

Between Folds / Oceans was made as a commission for a financial services corporation, the symbol of which included a penguin. To be hung in their headquarters’ entrance, Francisca looked to explore the penguins’ habitat, the Southern Hemisphere. Made up of significantly more water than land, maps and nautical charts are used to create the ebbs and flows of the vast oceans – pale sea greens deepen to waves of ultramarine blue and deep purple. Cascading from afar, up close the windows betray the knotted veins of place and shipping routes – the mapping of place by man. The central inverted O is open wide for ‘ocean’ or ‘°’, the symbol for longitude and latitude – marking the position of our exact place on earth. Hidden among the folds are etchings of the penguins themselves, reminding us of the creatures that belong to such environments and their place within our world.


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