Between Folds / Ornaments

The Practical Decorator and Ornamentist by architects George and Maurice Ashdown Audsley (litho plates). Blackie & Son; Glasgow 1892.
138 x 94 cm

The plates used in this artwork are taken from one of the last great compendiums of Victorian design, following the tradition of pattern manuals for architects, decorators and designers. Unlike many of the other Between Folds series, there is no text – only the bold and brilliant flow of colour, forever going round in the shape of an ‘O’ for ornament. United finally alongside one another, as they were never meant to be seen, these patterns are exciting and wonderfully various as one, told through their colours of pink darkening to red, to brown, to green. This morphing of colour and design exposes the strange and unusual combinations of the time; each pattern or motif revealing the far-reaching influences of the Victorian empire, many far more exotic than we might expect.


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