Between Folds / Robert Burns

The Illustrated Family Burns; 1867.
106 x 165 cm

A commission, this work remembers the pages of a cherished book, the only possession to survive the owner’s family home which was bombed-out during the Second World War. As old books lie dusty on shelves, often kept for their sentimentality, Francisca opens Burns’ pages in a way the owners could not, celebrating each one for its detail and weighty meaning. Her folds become windows into each conjuring melody, revealing Burns’ works line by line; as every page folds into the next, we dip in and out with our eyes in an encapsulating hypnosis of words. Characters, scenes and encounters are shadowy in black and white etchings; dream-like among a sea of words, they are glimpses of Burns’ Scotland that live on through his writing. Two quotation marks symbolise Franciscan’s highlighting of every page; through her revealing folds, she is quoting, enlivening text from its silent bind to paper.


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