Composition No.7: Two horizontal lines

A companion to Wrigley’s collection of Examples & Problems by J. Thompson Platts & Rev. Alfred Wrigley; 1861.
168 x 117 cm

Perhaps the simplest of Francisca’s linear abstractions is Composition No.7, reflected in the crisp concentration of black and white – each edge is lined in inky black. To build she uses a book of mathematical processes, allowing the quiet beauty of symbols and numbers form lines. Mixing the book’s equations Francisca creates new questions, breaking her numerical lines only with words of continuation – ‘thus’, ‘hence’, ‘therefore’ – and ending with the loaded phrase ‘the sum of all these lines’. Though the pages of this book are from 1861, the book is still in print – an answer in itself in Francisca’s world of forgotten ephemera.


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