Intrinsic Dimension / Dream

Dream - Recollection
A collection of railway tickets from the 20th century.
71 x 71 x 6 cm each (diptych)

With Intrinsic Dimension’s lines of three-dimensional colour, what better transcendental experience to capture than the dream and the recollection. Imagination intensifies to the magic of a dream, deepened through the unpredictability of our wandering mind’s eye. Velvety purple and hazy pink push forward through the colourless white of dreamless sleep; rising up and away, as dreams lift our senses above and beyond. Recollection is back and down, a filtering of distilled memory, barely visible among the definite blues of what we might have heard, seen or been told. Glimpses of light among the dark, to remember is to enlighten – fondly or with the heaviness of regret – a moment that has never left us.


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