Intrinsic Dimension / Midday

Sunrise - Midday - Sunset (triptych)
A collection of railway tickets from the 20th century.
71 x 71 x 6 cm each

As the colours of saved, discarded and collected tickets have become strokes of precious pigment, Francisca uses them to create the impression of light itself – the exquisite moment of time of day. The milky, golden-tipped new light of dawn rises gently – verdant stripes marking the freshly dewed leaves of awakening nature, the fragrance of a new day. Midday is a lush canopy of wavering notes, greens diving to ripple through the light tones of the earth, vibrating with the activity of day. Finally, an horizon of honeyed lilac sets across the fading heat of the dying day; blushes of coral and the deep magenta of the setting sun.


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