Literature + Architecture = Reconstruction

Niva: Illustrated magazine of literature, politics and contemporary life; 1888 + treated nickel silver.
153.5 x 117 cm each (triptych)

“Lissitzky compared a book to an architectural structure that should be built with the aid of typographic machinery” (Russian Avant-Garde book 1910 – 1934; pg 146).

Playing with the various meanings and physical implications of reconstruction Francisca builds the Russian ‘I’ with the revolution of the page – the evolution of the written idea to the building of the physical. As Lissitzky cast the book as an architectural structure, the folds of an everyday magazine become the hard edge of iron: the cranes for the building of art. On the left a solid black tower rises from industrial energy, a graphic and graduated ladder leading to its precipice. As our eyes climb up each fold, we are led to the metallic brink of the unification of many ideas.

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