Moment (City of London)

A collection of railway tickets from the 20th century + treated brass.
60 x 42 x 5 cm each

In this series Francisca captures the very individual and remembered sense of space. Visualising the intangible architecture of the mind, she shows our ability to conjure both physical and emotional memory to form a place. As a moment etches an impression on our mind, drawing in surrounding colour and light, these works present space from the eyes of the beholder. Treated metal and collected coloured tickets form the light and shadow of recollection – paper trails of many journeys long forgotten. In perhaps what is Francisca’s most personal series, these works reveal the artist’s own memories. Some are specific to place – London or Cuba – others hint at a feeling, but as images pass through the mind, indistinguishable, fleeting, yet full of suggestion and sentiment, these frames reminisce an individual’s moment in time.


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