Profound (St. Etheldreda)

A collection of railway tickets from the 20th century + treated nickel silver.
60 x 42 x 5 cm each

As a building can absorb upon entrance, both in sight and sense, Profound captures the blissful overbearing of space. A hushed reverence, almost tangible, as dust dances to reveal falling light, echoes between these three frames. As the camera’s shutter falls to freeze a moment, each metal window is a blink of the mind’s eye. The Church of St. Etheldreda is stone, pale in sand and chalk to be warmed with stained glass. Brightening to blue and pink, colour is ethereal in its awakened brilliance – a moment of joy, as the sun comes out and dazzles a room. As light is employed through architecture, embodying beliefs and lifting senses, it is invited into these frames. Visualising the feeling of being absorbed by a space, brought into a personal abyss, Profound brings us to the moment of pause, that individual place of reassuring silence.


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