Re-constructed Cards

55 cards (52 playing cards, 2 jokers and a spare)
12.5 x 13 cm box 2 sets
5.5 x 11 cm each

Intrigued by the intuitive and worldwide recognition of the playing card – a universal and ancient language of symbol and hierarchy – Francisca replaces their pictures for typography. Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades simply become their first letter – H, C, D, S – with a number, rather than pictures, denominating their rank. Pushing the boundaries of what we identify instinctively, Francisca also splits each numeral in half, reversing its top or bottom so it can be appreciated from either side – or by either player. Black and red – the traditional colours of playing cards – take on new meaning here; angled and minimal they are reminiscent of Russian Constructivism. Abstracted and playfully inversed, each card is still quickly known, yet reinvented in a triumph of type and design.



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