Red Square + Literacy = Graphic Revolution

Collection of resolutions on Ministry of Education, Vol. VI. The reign of Alexander II; 1874 - 1876.
153.5 x 117 cm each (triptych)

“Wear the red square as a mark of the world revolution in the arts” (Malevich, UNOVIS leaflet 1919).

Determined to use art as a means to re-educate the culturally starved Russian people, the Suprematist and Constructivist influence spread across all arms of industry, design and culture, particularly literature. Confronted with illiteracy and an insufficient printing industry, artists used visual tropes to help the reader, guiding understanding with new visual and psychological symbols. In Graphic Revolution Francisca guides our own eye, imposing and interlacing the diagonal lines of black and white text with the red square. Irradiating the monotone teachings of before – the pages of the Ministry of Education’s resolutions during the Tsar’s time – Francisca colours the change that surged through each strand of society. Densely symbolic, the red square creeps up and across the letter ‘B’, as commanding as the revolution it embodies.

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