Timeless Steel Calendar

Stainless steel
43 x 62 x 16 cm

With turning the anticipated on its head comes a consciousness of automatic action. We think nothing of checking the date, but as Francisca turns our awareness to the characters that count the passing of time, she also brings our attention to the action of looking. In the Anticalendar the redundancy of the repeated number is questioned; why multiply across day and month, when only 13 numerals are needed to create every day in the year. These 13 numbers are laid out across a new grid of anti-space, drawn out from two-dimensionality as pillars of recognition. Each day these beacons of time must be lit – not automatically, but by the participatory action of flicking a switch. To turn on the date is to enter into an awareness of the passing of time, to click into the day with the mechanical movement of a metallic switch. Furthering the constructivist notion of simplifying and re-inventing, the calendar illuminates both the date and a minimalist approach to communication.


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