Traces of Absence / Fragile Existence

A collection of entomology engravings from the late 19th century + treated nickel silver.
64 x 47.5 cm

As insects build fearsome but breakable houses to protect their way of life – spider webs, wasp nests and beehives – Francisca weaves the fragility of life into this work. Vulnerability echoes through each empty space: through the eyelets of the deceptive veil that is spread between them and us; and in the openings of pointed black lines, gaping in contrast to solid black. Peering through the veil, reassuring and repetitive pattern is left unfinished, climbing to an uneven and uncomfortably deteriorated edge. Closer still are the fine lines of brittle legs and the delicate transparency of tearable wings – life that reveals the enormity of what we must strive to protect.


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