Traces of Absence / Profound Space

French Cathedrals by B. Winkles and drawings by R. Garland. Charles Tilt; Fleet Street, London 1836 + brass
168 x 117 cm

Profound Space takes us to that hushed moment of awe that comes upon entering the overwhelming and embellished space of a cathedral. As our captivated sight tries to trace every detail through hallowed light and shadow, Francisca’s folds lift fluted pillars and the gothic arrows of archways to point our eyes higher and higher. Pausing to look into each open window, tiny figures remind us of these structures’ sheer scale and activity; the processions, funerals and prayers that take place under their watch. Cavernous eaves, ethereal beams and triumphant domes are celebrated in lines of gold that continue beyond what can be drawn or written, framing the vast expanse of what we cannot see but only feel. Empty and weightless lines multiply above, shimmering in diamond-like crosses whose mouths whisper of the lofty heights of sacred space.


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