Traces of Absence / Silent Structures

Traité De La Construction Des Ponts Et Viaducs en Pierre, en Charpente et en Métal…' (Atlas Vol.) par M. R. Morandière. Paris, Dunod; 1874 - 88 + treated phosphor bronze.
161 x 113 cm

Francisca’s second Traces of Absence work gives a voice to the majesty of silent structures – the bridges and viaducts that stand as beacons of nineteenth-century engineering. The elegant angles and crosses of support run across the pages with the determination that built them and, with lines running into one another, our eyes are taken in and out with a constant change of perspective and awe-inspiring playing of scale. The beauty with which these towers frame space is then continued out of the page. Every edge is coloured in copper before the density of material disappears altogether, leaving the thin edge of metal to multiply. Drawing attention to absence and mass, these sharp copper traces then fill, inverting the frame with metallic pointed panes. Solid, then light, this three-way change of material creates an angled composition that mirrors the play of line and space in architectural structures themselves.


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