Composition No.8: Two vertical lines

Advertisement from The Graphic: Strand based London weekly newspaper. Vol. 36; July – December 1887.
168 x 117 cm

The regimented symmetry of Composition No. 8 is playfully set alive with the busyness of newspaper print. As newspapers are usually set in straight flat columns, content here is given a three-dimensional movement from within, drawing attention to the print’s wonderful eccentricities. Uppercase, emboldened and flamboyant text shrinks and grows up the folded pages, crowding the illustrations that show just how peculiar the interests of a nineteenth-century readership was. The impossibly narrow corset is set across from the shining pistons of Victorian invention, pills and remedies are enticingly inviting; all in a tumult that is set off by the strong, almost luminous, blue with which Francisca hems them.


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