Unveiling of a new series of works
12 October – 21 November 2021

Francisca Prieto is delighted to invite you to explore Reminiscence’s Viewing Room; the inaugural unveiling of a new series through an online exclusive exhibition, open until 21 November 2021 only.

The exhibition shows every work in detail, together with the story behind each artwork. It also features a short film that will take you through the thoughts and ideas behind the series, giving glimpses of process and a fantastic insight into the artist’s unique way of seeing the world.



In Reminiscence, Francisca Prieto captures the very individual and remembered sense of place. Visualising the intangible architecture of the mind, she shows our ability to conjure both physical and emotional memory to form a space.
As a moment etches an impression on our mind, drawing in surrounding colour and light, these works present place from the eyes of the beholder. Treated metal and collected coloured tickets form the light and shadow of recollection – paper trails of many journeys long forgotten. These works reveal the artist’s own personal memories.
Some are specific to place – London or Cuba – others hint at a feeling, but as images pass through the mind, indistinguishable, fleeting, yet full of suggestion and sentiment, these frames reminisce an individual’s moment in time.

| I am looking to recreate the involuntary mental impression left by a place on my mind. The works are not representations, but structural interpretations of a space in time.

In this short film Francisca Prieto reflects on her series reminiscence, taking us through her artistic process and giving us an insight into the inspiration and ideas that lie behind this new body of work.

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