Composition No.3: A horizontal line & two circles

Rees's Cyclopaedia - Act Directs. Published by Longman, Hurst, Rees & Orme, Paternoster Row. Engraved by W. Lowry; 1809 – 1818.
168 x 117 cm

Composition No. 3 is quietly formed, the most subtle of the lines, and thus appears as the most abstracted. Released from the constraints of their symbol, the two circles and line emerge as free forms, suitably constructed with pages of a cyclopaedia of art, science and literature. With no governing and continuous horizontals and verticals, the curves and angles of these diagrams catapult across the folds before us, unfolding as a constellation-like map of form. Looking closer, objects emerge from these undulating lines of perspective, panorama and projection – graduating steps, the circle of the sun, the shape of a house. All energetically run into one another, as Francisca links them by line, like a graphic map of the world.


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