Composition No.5: Two opposite diagonal lines

A collection of old ledger books from the 19th and 20th century.
168 x 117 cm

In Composition No.5 Francisca draws on the quiet beauty her collected ephemera can possess. Using only pages of old ledger books – seemingly useless and perfunctory – she builds this loaded symbol with a soft graduation of colour. A ripple of pastel hues – green, blue, yellow and pink – form this mark, which is so often hardly penned in red or black. The diagonals of the composition are countered by the vertical lines within the folds; repeated at various intervals, these draw our eyes down, through the created pattern of space and words – the ‘empty’ and ‘filled in’. This subtlety, created using the most basic of material, quietens our instant recognition – and associations – of this symbol with many meanings.


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