Traces of Absence / Ashes to Ashes

Calendarium Inquisitionum Post-mortem: Henry III – Richard III (1216 - 1485); 1806 + treated nickel silver.
118 x 85 cm

Barely visible, Ashes to Ashes has no beginning and no end. Shadowy lines harden to indistinguishable points, held in an abyss of black. They are caught in one world and refracted ever-lasting into the next, with the work framed in reflection by mirrors. Surrounded by such never-ending and metallic darkness, life is fragile in paper; the leaves of life gone by. Words are obscured by marbling, a shimmering smoke of undulations covering the names of the long dead. Silver to black, white to dust, colour is barely visible, only a trace of deep and pungent blue – tantalising and whispering of the beyond. Blue is a glimmer of the unspoken, the sprit of these listed names and the land they left behind.


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