Traces of Absence / Unspoken Feelings

A collection of women’s portraits from 19th century newspapers + treated phosphor bronze.
49.5 x 35.5 cm

Collected from nineteenth-century newspapers, Francisca was drawn to these portraits not for their advertised beauty, but for the feelings their faces betray. In a time when women were rarely allowed to vent their true emotions or be outspoken, these haunting faces tell us what of course we already know – that more goes on behind the veil of propriety. Drawing out the eyes, the windows to the soul, the intensity of these gazes ignite the fiery shards of bronze that surround them. Reflected and refracted, the power of such emotion survives across the darkness of time, as Francisca holds these figures up as constellations in the depths of a night sky. Mirrored by sharp and winking edges the pointed strength of woman hardens from the page.


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